Best Web Browsers in 2020

Best Web Browsers in 2020

Best Web Browsers in 2020

Many best web browsers allow you to surf the Internet with a computer. Here is a selection of the 10 best web browsers in 2020 with their advantages and specificities!

Web operators strive to provide the best service to their customers. Also, among these Best Web Browser, some make the effort not to disappoint their users as much by the speed of the flow as by the quality of the system. It is these that you should focus on if you are purchasing a new computer. Regarding the choice of operator, these top 10 best web browsers in 2020 will certainly be very useful to you.

The fastest and most popular best web browsers in 2020

Because of the rankings from structures specializing in the IT field, from all the Best Web Browsers the Chrome browser comes first with more than 58% of the market share. Safari comes in second with only 17.7% of web users against 7% for Microsoft Edge. Firefox and Opera have 5.5% and 2.6% market shares respectively.

Google chrome, the undisputed leader

Best Web Browser - What's The ReviewsThe American giant Google, through its Chrome software, provides its customers with quality services. Since its advent in 2010, the internet market has been disrupted. Internet users generally opt for this browser since it updates every two weeks.

Google Chrome combines performance and security. It is for this reason that Internet users prefer to use it to watch movies streaming on dedicated platforms. Chrome has a “task manager” and offers the user the ability to open multiple tabs at once without a problem.

Apple Safari is committed to security and privacy

Best Web Browser - What's The ReviewsThe Safari browser was previously designed for users of Apple platforms. It focuses on the security and confidentiality of Internet user information. With this operator, no more complaints related to autonomy because it is more compatible with the macOS system. The transition to other platforms is easy.


Mozilla Firefox, the traditional rival of Chrome

Best Web Browser - What's The ReviewsThis browser is a product of Mozilla, a non-profit organization. Firefox currently has three levels of privacy. It does not use internet user data for other purposes.

If you want to surf online without being tracked by hackers then you need to install the latest version of the Firefox browser.

Microsoft Edge, the successor to Internet Explorer

Edge whose arrival on the market precipitated the death of Internet Explorer (formerly leader in the field). It was in 2015. The Microsoft company instead relied on Edge, which is a fast, light and ultra-modern browser.

Despite this manufacturer’s assurance, Internet users prefer to rush to other browsers. Indeed, the bad image of Internet Explorer associated with Microsoft still hangs over Edge.

However, it must be recognized that Edge, set as the default browser in Windows 10, allows Internet users to browse safely because it exfiltrates suspicious content from users’ email.

Opera, the innovator

Best Web Browser - What's The ReviewsOpera has a hardware acceleration device called “turbo mode”. Opera is fast thanks to the “Web Optimization Proxy” device, an advanced technology.

This display web pages in record time by compressing them. However, Opera had to limit the use of this functionality to unsecured websites (HTTP).

This operator is preferred by those who want to protect their data. The Opera browser has an automatic update system every 45 days.

Finally, you should know that Opera is the only browser that offers a free unlimited VPN to Internet users. These have the choice between servers based in Asia, America or Europe.

Alternative secure Best Web Browsers that better respect your privacy

The success has led the leader Chrome to steal information from its Internet users, despite the use of private browsing. This sad fact has led some companies to create alternative browsers based on Chromium, a free web browser. You can, therefore, surf without fear of being a victim of theft of your data.

Vivaldi and its customization features

Created by former company CEO Jon Stephenson Von Tetzchner and co-founder of Opera Browser, Vivaldi is intended for insiders, internet enthusiasts. Despite this more or less strict line, Vivaldi is gaining market share.

It does not save the data of its users. Also, Vivaldi has excellent customization features to such an extent that two users cannot have the same configuration. This software helps new users if they have difficulty navigating correctly.

Brave, the browser that blocks ads

Best Web Browser - What's The ReviewsBrave navigator, which has been on the market for almost 14 years. This software was created by Branch Eich. This computer giant is the co-founder of the Firefox browser and designer of the JavaScript language.

Brave browser is one of the most secure since it blocks ads and trackers that slow you down and invade your privacy.

Epic Privacy Browser, the embodiment of a privacy

Best Web Browser - What's The ReviewsEpic Privacy Browser makes privacy a reality. Everything is done to prevent the leakage of personal data on the networks. Epic Privacy Browser removes the program codes of intruders who want to access information and data of Internet users.


Tor, to become “invisible” and surf the dark web

Best Web Browser - What's The ReviewsThe Tor browser is an improved version of Firefox which allows you to browse the internet in complete anonymity. With Tor, you are “invisible”. We cannot easily trace you.

The Tor browser is widely used by journalists and other human rights activists in undemocratic and dictatorial countries. It also allows easier access to certain search engines and illegal websites which are dubbed the “dark web”.

Iridium Browser, a little-known browser not to be overlooked

Iridium Browser is also based on the open-source Chromium project and is part of the software development policy in Europe.

It is much more focused on respect and confidentiality of privacy.


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