Podia: Review of the Simple But Fearsome Marketing Tool

Podia: Review of the Simple But Fearsome Marketing Tool

The Podia.com site is intended for people creating educational content published on the web.

This platform, therefore, allows entrepreneurs to create and sell online courses as well as digital video or PDF media.

The interface also generates various tools for facilitating the daily management of the activity.

We will, therefore, see here some essential elements of this platform and give you an objective opinion.

What is Podia?

History and missions of the company

The Podia platform was created in 2014 by Spencer Fry. This founder and CEO has been an entrepreneur all his life and thus created several companies before this one.

Each of them is digitally and web-oriented. Spencer explains, on his website, the reasons that led him to create this startup: he loves and wants to help entrepreneurs develop their projects.

Thus, the company provides assistance to entrepreneur-creators in the sale of their knowledge and their knowledge via this tool. Today, Podia has 25,000 creators who use it as a platform for selling online courses.

Services offered by Podia

The interface focuses above all on all the tools made available to entrepreneurs. Indeed, on the same site, it is possible to:

  • develop and create an online course¬†;
  • create a showcase page;
  • set up a dedicated sales page;
  • use an¬†e-mail collector¬†tool ;
  • have a live chat with the students;
  • collect payments¬†securely;
  • manage all students;
  • etc.

The platform is intended to be functional, easy to use, and customizable. All the tools necessary for the sale of online courses are grouped together on a single interface.

This makes it possible to facilitate the work of creators and centralize the various information: customers, e-mail addresses, course materials, sales, supports, affiliation, secure online payments, etc.

How does the platform work?

Podia registration and content creation

First, registration is free. A 14-day trial is offered to discover the different functionalities of the platform.

All you have to do is enter your name, an e-mail address and create a password.

Once registration is complete, access to all of the site’s features is unlocked. In order to create course materials, several choices are possible:

  • an online course¬†;
  • a digital download (PDF);
  • an online seminar¬†;
  • a set of already created courses.

For each of these choices, the parameters can be modified and personalized (name of the course, language, currency, choice of online payment platforms such as Pay Pal or Stripe, connection to Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel, name of the domain, URL, etc.).

The online store and the creation of course materials have various tools for their customization. A lot of content is available to create relevant courses.

It is therefore possible to insert existing files and documents, texts, quizzes, videos etc.

The number or duration of the courses is unlimited, the pricing can be changed, sales can also be made via a pre-existing website belonging to the entrepreneur.

Another tool can be interesting on Podia, its digital download generator. By answering a few questions, it is possible to create a PDF course.

This tool is used to guide the creation of the support step by step if necessary.

The tools available

The dashboard of this interface is used to quickly visualize all of the activity. Customers, subscribers, revenues, are accessible in this dashboard.

The platform makes it easy to create a sales site or an online store.

Secure online payments with the SSL certificate are instantly credited to the entrepreneur’s bank account, with no fees retained from Podia.

The interface is capable of managing marketing emails: newsletter, electronic advertisements, etc. but it is also possible to integrate partners such as ConvertKit, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Drip into the Podia account.

However, after the 14-day free trial, platform functions are blocked. A subscription is required in order to benefit from these services.

Some of them are only accessible with the full version of Podia.

How much do Podia services cost?

Mover: 1st prize

Podia’s first plan, ‚ÄúMOVER‚ÄĚ, costs $ 39 / month. This option includes the main tools:¬†creating¬†and¬†publishing online courses as¬†well as digital downloads. Email marketing is also available through this choice.

This option can, therefore, serve as a first step before choosing the premium version. This allows you to take the time to create the content and familiarize yourself with the interface.

In addition, assistance is available to provide assistance in creating content and using the platform.

Shaker: premium formula

To benefit from full access to all the functionalities, it is necessary to invest $ 79 / month in the ‚ÄúSHAKER‚ÄĚ version.

In addition to the tools available in the first formula, several others are added to it.

Thus, access to membership, secure online payment, the affiliation service, and the integration of partners such as MailChimp or ActiveCampaign is unlocked.

Why choose this platform?


The Podia platform is an all-in-one interface. The flexibility of its tools is its strength. Reading the information on their site, the message that emerges is that ‚Äúnothing is impossible‚ÄĚ.

Indeed, Podia knows how to evolve according to the needs of online education. The tools are adaptive to each need and unlimited.

One of the advantages of this platform is that all of the profits from sales go to the creator. The money does not flow through Podia and the company does not receive any share of the sales.

This is undoubtedly one of the reasons why a good number of designers signed up.

In addition, the interface offers the possibility of choosing the currency in which the courses are paid. Not all platforms offer this essential option.

Another great strength of Podia is its customer service. Indeed, the team is available to assist platform clients in developing their content and solving technical problems.

Sales are also monitored through the interface in order to identify customers in difficulty. They are then contacted by the Podia team to provide them with help and advice as needed.

24/7 support helps users in multiple countries around the world.

Finally, every Tuesday evening, a demonstration of Podia’s functionalities is¬†performed live. This non-binding service allows you to get a more precise idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthe interface.


The Podia platform is generally very popular with its users. Although few disadvantages are known to this tool, some inconveniences are still to be noted.

Recently, some slight malfunctions have arisen. Indeed, in some text creation spaces for courses, the writing was impossible. This technical bug will probably be corrected soon.

In addition, the French translation of the Podia site is sometimes approximate. However, this does not prevent an understanding of the content.

Then, the ‚ÄúMove‚ÄĚ version is still¬†extremely limited¬†in terms of tools. For a professional, it is almost essential to choose the ‚ÄúSHAKER‚ÄĚ formula to obtain a complete tool.

Finally, Podia has been designed to be extremely easy to use.

While this is an advantage for some, for others, who are used to personalizing their content and being free in their creation, may feel limited. Indeed, the simplification of the tools sometimes limits the personalization of the supports.

To remember

Podia is a multifunctional platform allowing creators of educational content to sell their courses online.

With this clear and easy to handle interface, many media are usable. Podia wants to be close to its customers and assists them regularly.

The customer service and the amount of tools available on this platform are great selling points.

Thus, Podia is a complete interface, combining simplicity, design, and customization. The most creative entrepreneurs, and those who have mastered the workings of IT, will nevertheless feel frustrated because very quickly limited.

It is, therefore, more suitable for entrepreneurs looking for simplicity to devote themselves fully to the creation of the content of their courses.

Discover the Podia platform now!

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