Everything you should know about The Connected Bracelets 2020

Everything you should know about The Connected Bracelets 2020

Everything you should know about The Connected Bracelets 2020

Key points for buying The Connected Bracelets

Do you find that smartwatches are too bulky to play sports? Less imposing than the smartwatch, the connected bracelets are the ideal of the sportsman who wants to be free of his movements.

In recent years, many brands such as Fitbit, Garmin, Honor and Xiaomi have entered this market with more or less convincing products. The references are numerous, very

Here are some models for you to get back in shape and track your physical activity with the help of your smartphone.

To determine our selection, we relied on criteria that we consider essential for a sport-oriented connected wristband.

Accuracy and reliability of data first, the presence or not of a heart rate sensor, ergonomics and functional richness of the mobile application and of course, real autonomy to use.

Note that to differentiate, some manufacturers offer water resistance, more or less elegant or discreet design or even customization possibilities with removable bracelets of different

Who are The Connected Bracelets for?

The connected bracelets are the ideal partner for athletes as it allows you to
view your data quickly during an exercise. Lighter than a smartphone or
smartwatch, it does not affect the freedom of movement of its wearer.

What design should The Connected Bracelets have?

Like watches, let’s not forget the primary purpose of a bracelet, even if it is connected: to be worn around the wrist. So be sure to compare the models before choosing the one that really seduces you.

Same advice for ergonomics. A bracelet that retains buttons or the choice of full touch? Amoled screen or LCD? Colour or monochrome? So many parameters to take into account, depending on your preferences and your use.

What features should The Connected Bracelets have?

Most of the connected bracelets track your daily physical activity. Pedometer, recording your sleep and sports sessions, they carry several interesting features for sports enthusiasts.

Some go even further by offering a GPS, a heart rate monitor, display of mobile notifications or even a guarantee of waterproofing.

If you want to enjoy a complete experience, it will surely be more interesting to turn to these models.

How much do the connected bracelets should cost?

It is possible to buy a well-connected bracelet for twenty, thirty or even forty dollars/euros/pounds.

Of course, some concessions are made especially in terms of the number of
features. For example, it is rare to see a GPS chip in an entry-level connected

Like the smartwatch market, the market for activity trackers is changing very little.

There are still some notable new features like the Fitbit Charge 4, it clearly deserves the title of the best high-end bracelet.

If you want to buy a cheap connected wristband, we recommend the Honor Band 5 and the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 which we believe continue to be referenced on this price segment.

Fitbit Charge 4: the best high-end

Fitbit Charge 4-What's The Reviews -

Fitbit’s latest activity tracker has passed a milestone. Now equipped with GPS and new features, the connected wristband becomes more accurate to keep you healthy day and night.

Honor Band 5: the best value for money

HONOR Band 5-What's The Reviews

The Honor Band 5 brings a wealth of information that athletes can exploit without any problems. If it is not perfect – it is criticized in particular its lack of precision.

The Honor Band 5 still stands out as a reference in the connected wristband market and comes to compete without trembling the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4: Connected wristband with the best battery lifeXiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 - What's The Reviews

Once again, Xiaomi offers excellent value for money with the Mi Smart
Band 4. Its screen offers beautiful readability, the autonomy is mind-boggling and its design is well thought out.

However, it remains perfectible since its heart rate monitor is far from having a precision of goldsmith but its analyses are still good to take.

Xiaomi ensures and offers a product ready to accompany its wearer during several intense sessions of uninterrupted sport.

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