Top Laptops Reviews 2020

Top Laptops Reviews 2020

Laptops with a 13- to 14-inch screen are increasingly on the side thanks to an ideal format for mobility and the progress made by manufacturers to provide an interesting battery life to last a full day in a work situation. Two new models are making their way into the selection in this format this month with a Huawei model and a Lenovo that have achieved excellent ratings.

13″ or 14″ Laptop: the best for mobility

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 13.5″

What's the Reviews - MS SurfaceMicrosoft’s Surface Laptop 3 in its 13.5-inch version is a computer that has a design that doesn’t leave marble with beautiful finishes but also offers powerful configurations while maintaining weight and use that is pleasant every day.




Dell XPS 13 2020

What's The Review - Dell XPS 13With a slightly larger screen and a more compact chassis, the new XPS 13 continues its uninterrupted march towards the perfection of ultraportable computers. It is now almost impossible to find critical material on this new XPS 13, in terms of good surprises note the two USB-C ports well distributed on each side, which offers more possibilities to connect accessories or power and the autonomy that progresses further with 11h26 minutes to our endurance test. Always one of the best ultraportable Windows.

Honor MagicBook 14

What's The Reviews - HonorHonor’s MagicBook 14 laptop displays an entry-level rate for mid-range services, it will delight those who can’t invest too much in a laptop without having to compromise on the power and the nicer little ones of the higher range.





Huawei Matebook X Pro

What's The Reviews - HuaweiMatebookHuawei has played security with this evolution of the MateBook X Pro 2020. The laptop retains all its qualities, starting with precise and flattering design and screen with the images but also its small flaws with the questionable location of the webcam. Its configuration evolves in the right direction with more power.




Lenovo Yoga C940

What's The Reviews - LenovoYogaThe Lenovo Yoga C940 is an excellent high-end two-in-one, especially if you’re looking for a larger screen size than Dell’s XPS 13 or HP’s Spectre x360. It is also faster than the previous model in terms of processing performance and user comfort. Add to this a very good battery life and several screen quality options and you get a machine that can be recommended without hesitation.



PC Portable 15″: the best compromise

Microsoft Surface Book

What's the Reviews - MS SurfaceIf you’re looking for a powerful machine for demanding applications and 3D, that the detachable keyboard and stylus are useful to you, the Surface Book will definitely be a great investment. ar eman, if you don’t care about a removable screen, turn to Dell’s XPS 15 instead. And if the touchscreen isn’t a priority either, then the 15-inch MacBook Pro is a good option. The new 15-inch Surface Book 2 is large, expensive and powerful. And like many laptops, it’s better in pc than tablet. It offers excellent battery life and its design fits well with this larger screen size. Another point we greatly appreciate is its power for video games and virtual reality headsets.

MacBook Pro 15

Whats The Reviews - MacBook ProThe new 15-inch MacBook Pro brings the power that demanding users and creatives have been waiting for. The list of improvements to the new 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pros with Touch Bar is impressive: 8th-generation Intel Core processors, more storage and RAM options, True Tone adaptive display technology.




Asus Zenbook Pro Duo

Whats The Reviews - Auss ZenbookThe Zenbook Pro Duo is a laptop that has a 15-inch main screen and a second 12-inch screen in the area usually reserved for the keyboard. If you’re constantly juggling your browser tabs or apps in the taskbar, it’s quite possible that the Zenbook Duo would allow you to be more productive or gain work comfort.




Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 15″

Whats The Reviews - MS Surface LaptopIn its 15-inch version, the new Surface Laptop 3 delivers solid performance and a fun design that makes it a good everyday ultraportable.





Laptops 17″: the best with a big screen


Whats The Reviews - Asus VivibookWith its 1920 x 1080 pixel matte 17.3″ FHD display and ultra-thin chassis, the Asus S712FA laptop lets you enjoy the best of technology and boost your mobility. You can browse the internet, view your photos and videos and enjoy maximum comfort, wherever you are.





Whats The Reviews - Dell InsprionThe 17.3-inch 2-in-1 model is crafted with an innovative hinge, adaptive thermal management function and a complete digital pad, all in an elegant design. With high-quality materials, don’t compromise with Windows 10 Family, the 10th-generation Intel Core i7 processor and the MX250 graphics card for optimal performance.





It’s always hard to choose a new laptop. PC or Mac, processor, consumption, battery, RAM, dedicated graphics card or not. All these parameters can quickly make the search tedious, without ever having the certainty of having made the right choice. To find out, we offer you a selection of the best laptops of the moment.

More than specialized computers for this or that use, we offer here a selection of versatile computers that will suit most uses, whether it is playing games more or less greedy, doing photo editing or video editing and of course all the “classic” uses of a computer such as navigation and word processing. All while maintaining a reduced footprint and decent autonomy.

Dell with its XPS 13 and Microsoft with the Laptop 3 both offer excellent thin and lightweight models in formats that are now very popular and very convenient for mobility. They are joined by a newcomer, Honor, better known for his smartphones but who offers something very interesting in 14 inches.

On the side of the more traditional 15-inch format Microsoft is on the side of the Apple alternative for Mac OS enthusiasts. Two models are proposed for gamers but not with the same capacity in play or for the same budget. Finally, entry-level and mobile PCs will be of interest to those who do not want to invest too much and for whom office and navigation are sufficient, such as students.